Our mission is to use the circus arts as a platform for our employees and volunteers to uplift and empower historically/previously disadvantaged South Africans.
The South African Circus Arts Academy is focused on creating jobs in a growing area of employment. By focusing on holistic skills development, long-term training and immersion in the world of circus, talented young people will be introduced to this fascinating and challenging area of work. Our two sole focusses include, firstly, to create employment opportunities for historically disadvantaged unemployed youth. Secondly to create a fun-filled and empowering learning environment for young people using social circus skills, which is the use of circus arts as mediums for social justice and social good.
Founded by professional circus artists, the South African Circus Arts Academy (SACAA) is a newly-formed non-profit affiliated with Cape Town circus fitness and entertainment company, The Silk Workshop PTY LTD.

Meet Our Team

In addition to their impressive list of achievements as performers, Nichola, Roxanne and Francois have all worked extensively in teaching, community and youth development in South Africa.
Nichola Slaverse

Nichola Slaverse


Nichola Slaverse is a former professional ice skater turned circus artist. She has been in the circus for over 30 years and started her career touring and performing in Europe. A former member of the South African National Circus and founder and director of The Silk Workshop. She has years of performances, teaching experience and fundraising under her belt. Nichola has many fond memories of her circus endeavours, including a memorable performance for the king of Swaziland.

Roxanne Andrews

Roxanne Andrews

Vice-Chairperson & Secretary

Roxanne Andrews has over 14 years of Circus Experience. Roxanne was born into the circus and has performed many different acts. She was a former circus coach at SAN Circus and is a director of The Silk Workshop. Roxanne brings both considerable patience as an instructor and the seemingly effortless grace and beauty of a born performer. Roxanne loves passing on the knowledge she has gained through years of performance on the flying trapeze, rope, and aerial silks and lyra (aerial hoop).

Francois Roos

Francois Roos

Vice-Chairperson & Operations Manager

Operations manager, Francois Roos has been in the circus business for 25 years. Born to a German circus artist, circus flows through Francois’s veins. Francois is an accomplished acrobat and juggler and has toured overseas, performing in both Denmark and Spain. He was also an instructor and performer at SAN Circus as well as Actionarte. Francois’s ethics and attention to details make him a valuable addition to SACAA.

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